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Money Saving Heroes is a world leading brand for online voucher codes and deals. Find out more below about our story and what we do, or dive right in and find voucher codes for top retailers today.

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Our Story

Our Chief Executive Officer, Nick, is from a technical and web development background but had never worked in the affiliate industry until launching Voucher Codes Pro. We re-branded to Money Saving Heroes in January 2019. He was fed up of visiting voucher code websites and finding deals that did not work and codes that were clearly just on show to lure people in rather than giving people money saving opportunities.

Nick built a web site and business that was completely orientated around ensuring our community could quickly and easily find the best money saving deals. From day one of launch back in 2012, right through to today, only active deals that had been checked by the team are added to the site.

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At the time of the original launch in 2012 Nick employed a great team of deal-hunters and voucher code finders in order to ensure that consumers had peace of mind that they were going to find the right deals and fast.

The parent company behind Money Saving Heroes is MSH Ltd.

Our team

We have a dedicated team of voucher-code and deal hunters. Their job is to make sure that we are the first to find and list the best money saving deals for our community.

We have a diverse team in place with a considerable amount of experience in finding bargains across every sector. From parenting and sports enthusiasts through to technology and fashion experts, our team knows the places to look in order to bag a bargain.

To keep our team up and at ‘em we have regular nights out and team events and the office X-Box is the scene of many an intense battle between colleagues. Whilst there never seems to be a shortage of cakes and junk food in the office, this is countered by the team playing regular games of sports together such as cricket, golf, rounder’s and football.

Contact us

The team's core hours are Monday to Friday, 9am to 5.30pm and the best way to contact us is by emailing We will always try and reply to every email within 3 hours in working hours and within 6 hours in none working hours.

Our Deals and Vouchers Promise

Our core belief at Money Saving Heroes is that every voucher, discount, deal or offer that we list on the site has to work. We promise that every money saving opportunity that we share with our community has not only been hand-picked by our British based team, but has also been checked to make sure that it works.

Our CEO, Nick, made the Voucher and Deals promise on day one of launching Voucher Codes Pro and we will always stay true to this commitment.

How we make money

We are an "affiliate" industry website, sometimes called the "performance" industry. This means that every time you buy something from a retailer having clicked through a deal or money saving opportunity via Money Saving Heroes, we make a small commission.

In addition to this, sometimes retailers pay us to appear on our site either through adverts or by increasing the commission that we receive on the purchases made by or consumers. Some retailers pay extra to appear in our email newsletter.

These payments do not impact upon our commitment to ensuring that every deal and voucher code is checked to make sure that they work.

Our Technology

We have two main platforms that we use to try and help you save money. The first platform is this website. On here we list every deal and money saving offer that we can find and that we know has been checked to make sure that they work.

The website is also where people sign up to our newsletter which is our second platform. We have hundreds of thousands of people in our newsletter and we collect this data from people signing up using this website and social media platforms.

We never pass email or personal information on to any third parties. The information is securely stored and only used by our company for the purposes of saving people money.