Best Home Workout Equipment

Last Updated : 20 June 2020

We are almost a week into the New Year already and I’m sure many of you are deep into your new year’s resolutions by now, some of you may have already broken them. If your promise to yourself was fitness but you’ve never really enjoyed the hassle of going to the gym then there are many ways you can improve yourself without even leaving the house? There is now so much equipment you can fit into a spare room or the corner of your bedroom or even just on your phone that you don’t even need a lot of space.

We’ve put together a little list of some of our favourite items for working out with the gym and we hope it gives you some ideas and even inspiration if you’re struggling to stick to it!

New Image FITT Cube

New Image Fitt Cube from Argos

The first thing we’ve chosen is this fantastic FITT Cube from Argos. It looks small but there are over 100 HITT exercises you can perfect with this one machine. It supplies a full-body workout and the free app that goes with it demonstrates the kind of thing you can do.

Practice some of the exercises and focus on your strength, cardio, flexibility, endurance and power. One minute you can use the mini stepper for cardio and the next minute you can be building your strength with the resistance bands before doing a set of jump up that will work on your power.

Get one now from Argos for only £129.99, it’s amazing how one machine can completely transform your workout and your body and it doesn’t take up much space.

Squat Magic by New Image

New Image Squat Magic from Argos

Squats are an important part of almost everybody’s workout routine right now but they are notoriously difficult to execute perfectly. This is where Squat Magic by New Image comes in, it will revolutionise the way you perform this wonder move guiding you as you do the perfect squat each time. Keeping your form correct as you move your body up and down.

Save £10 right now when you buy this from Argos. The price is currently £58.99 down from £59.99 so it’s the perfect time to buy. The reviews are promising with many people claiming it’s just having your own trainer! Give it a go today! What have you got to lose?

An Exercise ball

Arteesol Exercise Ball from Amazon

If money is tight then you may want to be super thrifty and opt for an exercise/yoga ball. These handy balls deflate for space-saving and some can be under a tenner. They are however very versatile and can be used for a huge number of strength improving exercises as well as toning that is second to none.

It’s also a fantastic tool for yoga, Pilates and stretching, allowing you to safely warm up your body. Pregnant ladies can also use this to help with discomfort during the late stages of pregnancy. For something as simple as a rubber ball one of these offers a ton of uses. We got ours from Amazon.

A Treadmill

Reebok I Run 3.0 Treadmill from Sports Direct

If your fitness goals focus on cardio but you’ve never really liked to run in nature then a treadmill may be just what you’re looking for, although you will need a little more free space to house one. The model we’ve chosen is the Reebok I Run 3.0 treadmill, we found it in the Sports Direct sale. It was £899.99 and now it's price has been slashed to just £799.99 which is an incredible saving and a truly great deal. We love the sleek design and think it’s well worth the investment.

The running platform is cleverly designed to take the impact off the joints and there are 12 pre-set workout modes to suit your required activity requirements and abilities. Another plus is that comes delivered fully assembled so you simply unpack and workout without having to bother about putting it together. Visit Sports Direct today and have a look.

A Fitness App

MyFitnssPal lifestyle Picture

There are so many fitness apps around right now that saying it’s hard to choose is an understatement! Just searching in fitness on the store will bring up thousands of options. We’ve gone for the most popular app MyFitnessPal. With this free app, you can track your exercise and nutrition from a database of over 11 million food and exercise choices. You can also link the app to other apps that track fitness and help you live a healthier lifestyle such as MapMyRun, Fitbit and Apple HealthKit.

Logging in is easy and you will have access to one of the largest fitness communities from which you can access advice, motivation and inspiration. Start your fitness journey today with the help of MyFitnessPal.

A Fitness Tracker

Fitbit Versa 2 Copper Rose

We’ve recently had a look at some of the best fitness trackers and had to include our favourite on this list. That the Fitbit Versa 2 in copper Rose colour. This one is from Boots and costs £199.99

We love the size and shape of the watch face and that fact that you can keep track of texts and calls while you work out without having to have your phone one you. It also monitors your heart rate, is sweat resistance, recognises over 15 exercises, has built-in GPS, tracks your sleep cycles, has a build-in Alexa and allows you to pay with Fitbit Pay. Is there anything this smartwatch can’t do? We didn’t think so. Buy one today and kick your fitness journey up another notch.

These are just a couple of our favourite fitness items for your home fitness journey. Which ones you chose to use are completed up to you but we hope we’ve given you some ideas on where to start as it can be daunting. Let us know how you get on, we love to hear from you. Make sure you don’t make any purchases until you’ve checked in with us on the retailer page, deals and codes come in fresh all the time so you never know how much a quick check back could save you! Happy New Guys!